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    Taylor Swift's Three Beloved Cats Made A Cute Appearance In Her TikTok Video And They Stole The Show

    Taylor's pets mean the world to her!

    Taylor Swift is already making funny jokes on TikTok. After joining the platform earlier this week, she made a cute video about her being a cat lady.

    The “Lover” singer shared a clip of her 2014 interview on Live With Kelly and Michael where she talked about welcoming too many cats into her life.

    "Before I got the second cat, I was kind of canvassing everyone I knew, saying, 'Is cats, cat lady?'” she asked.

    “Two cats is cats, and there's more than one. And they're like, 'No, three cats is a cat lady — two cats is a party,’” Swift added as the audience laughed.

    The TikTok video then cut to a scene of Swift walking by the camera with her cat Meredith in her hand.

    Then she returned with her other two pets, Benjamin and Olivia, before the video ended.

    "*little did she know*,” Swift adorably captioned the clip with the hashtags "#swifttok" "#catsoftiktok," and "#meow."

    Swift is a proud cat lady, and she’s not afraid to show it!

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