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    Lori Harvey Was Head Over Heels When She Saw What Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan Got Her For Her Birthday, And Who Wouldn't Be, TBH

    Michael knows exactly what she likes!

    Lori Harvey is one lucky lady! She received 15 bouquets of white roses from her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, in honor of her 24th birthday.

    "Thank you baby," Lori wrote on her Instagram story over a pic of the gorgeous flowers.

    @loriharvey / Instagram / Via Instagram: @loriharvey

    On Sunday, Jan. 10, Lori confirmed that she was dating the actor when she shared a pic of herself giving Michael a kiss on the cheek.

    The photo was liked over a million times, and it didn’t take long for them to give each other cute nicknames.

    Essence / Via

    The duo revealed in the comments section of Lori's birthday pic that they like to call each other "Turtle" and "Nugget."

    After Michael commented, "Gimmie!! Sheeesh!! Happy Birthday Turtle!!" his beau responded, “Thank you, nugget.”

    And with that, I think Michael and Lori are one of the cutest couples of 2021.

    MTV / Via

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