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    Chris Evans Revealed What He Does Every "Saturday Night" And It's Super Adorable

    "This is what I do on a Saturday night."

    Chris Evans’ Saturday nights are way more adorable than I thought.

    Chris Evans attends the opening night screening of "Sell By"

    The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World actor showed his fans what he does on the weekends when he shared a cute video on Instagram of his dog pushing a button with his paw.

    And when the button is pushed, an automated voice says the word “treat.”

    “I kept seeing videos of these touchpads for dogs so I figured I’d give them a shot,” Evans captioned the video. “After a couple [of] days of training, he began connecting the dots.”

    “This video is from a couple [of] days ago when he was just starting to understand that the buttons are buttons,” the actor continued. “He’s already made so much progress and I laugh out loud every time I hear him press one.”

    “I thought ‘treat’ would be the most used,” Evans added. “Turns out it’s ‘play’ and I fucking love that about him.” Aww!

    Evans also noted that “This is what [he does] on a Saturday night,” and his fans loved the video so much that the clip was liked over 3 million times.

    Chris Evans at the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Press Conference

    Now the only thing that would make Evans’ weekends better is if he got together with Lizzo. They would make a super-cute couple!