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    Bella Thorne Reveals Why The Disney Image Is So "Wrong" For Kids, And I Completely Get It

    “Little kids growing up don't need to see perfect people. Kids need to see real."

    Bella Thorne is speaking her mind. The Shake It Up star called out Disney for putting "pressure" on young actors to “seem perfect.”

    "There are definitely a lot of pressures in the Disney eye to be so perfect,” she told Fox News. “And I think that's where Disney in a sense goes wrong because they make their kids seem perfect.”

    “That image is very difficult. It's also never been me,” Thorne continued. “I always just like to do whatever no one else is doing.”

    Thorne rose to fame on Disney Channel’s hit show Shake It Up, alongside Zendaya, and she said children need to see more realistic role models so they can truly learn about life.

     Disney Channel's "Shake It Up" stars Zendaya (L) as Rocky Blue and Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
    Bob D'amico / Getty Images

    “Little kids growing up don't need to see perfect people,” Thorne said. “Kids need to see [what's] real. They need to see diversity, they need to see [what's] intriguing.”

    Since leaving Disney Channel, Thorne has reportedly become the first person to earn $1 million in her first 24 hours after joining the racy site OnlyFans, and she's also sold her own line of cannabis.

    After shedding her Disney image, Thorne is definitely living life the way she wants to.

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