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    Anya Taylor-Joy Said She Was "Devastated" When She Watched Her Performance In "The Witch"

    "I still get shivers thinking about it."

    In 2015, Anya Taylor-Joy made her acting debut when she starred as Thomasin in The Witch.

    Anya Taylor-Joy of "The Witch" poses for a portrait at the Village at the Lift

    Although fans loved her performance, Taylor-Joy thought she could have done a better job.

    In fact, the actor recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she was “devastated” by her acting in The Witch.

    "I thought I'd never work again; I still get shivers thinking about it," she said. "It was just the worst feeling of, 'I have let down the people I love most in the world. I didn't do it right.'”

    "And I'm quite verbose,” Taylor-Joy continued. “I like to talk; I like to communicate. [But] I did not talk; I just cried. I couldn't handle seeing my face that large.”

    Taylor-Joy admitted that she “never thought” she would be cast in the supernatural horror film “because the character Thomasin was described as plain.”

    “I just thought, 'OK, there's a lot of things that I can do, but I can't really change my face that much,'” she explained.

    But regardless of what she thought of her acting in The Witch, fans still loved it, and it helped Taylor-Joy work “for a year” straight.

    Thanks to The Witch, Taylor-Joy booked The Queen’s Gambit and won her first Golden Globe Award for her role as Beth Harmon.

    Funny how things work out.