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    13 Surprising British Facts About Food

    Do you know what Bisto stands for?

    1. Pikelets and crumpets may be made with the same batter, but they are two completely different beasts.

    2. Spotted Dick isn't actually as diiirty as it sounds – "spotted" refers to the way that the raisins resemble spots, and "dick" derives from the word "dough".

    3. The sandwich was invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu.

    4. When it was first introduced to Britain in the 18th century, Broccoli was originally known by the much fancier name of Italian asparagus.

    5. The aesthetically challenged Stargazy Pie was created when a brave fisherman ventured into a stormy sea to fish in order to help feed his fellow villagers.

    6. The world's first solid chocolate bar was made in Bristol in 1847.

    7. Christmas pudding was originally made with partridge, pheasant, rabbit and poultry.

    8. The Romans loved British oysters, especially the ones found in Colchester.

    9. An iced bun is *literally* just a hot dog bun with sugar icing on top.

    10. Bisto is actually an acronym for "Browns Instantly, Seasons and Thickens in One."

    11. The people of Gloucester celebrate every coronation or jubilee by sending pies to the Royal household.

    12. Toad in the hole used to be made with meats like beef steak, lamb's kidneys or pigeon – not with sausages as we know it today.

    13. In the late 14th century, the king's royal guards would eat roast beef every Sunday – hence the name Beefeaters!