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What Creative Outlet Has Helped You To Get Through The Last Year?

Have you discovered your inner artiste this year?

Thanks to COVID-19, life still isn't quite back to normal and we've all had to adapt our lifestyles to staying in more.

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And all this staying in has meant that we've sometimes had more time to put towards new projects or hobbies. So, we want to know, what creative outlet has helped you to get through the last year?

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Maybe you've taken the time to learn how to sew.


Have you started to make your own clothes? Or are trying to repurpose items you already own instead of buying new? Perhaps you've started an ambitious quilting project.

Perhaps you picked up your paint brushes after a long hiatus.

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Creating and painting without a set agenda can be super freeing.

Or have you started to choreograph your own dance routines?


Feeling energy flow through your body can be a great release for any pent up emotions.

Whatever the creative outlet we want to know! So tell us in the comments and you could feature in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!