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    There Are 349 Breeds Of Dogs – These 13 Are The Best In My Opinion

    Does your favourite make the list?

    There are 349 breeds of dog recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization), and while I love them all, there are some that I love just that little bit more. Here are my top favourites:

    FYI, all dogs are wonderful and deserve loving homes. If you're looking for a new good boy to spend your life with, then head to your local rescue shelter first!

    13. Shiba Inu.

    12. Sausage Dog.

    11. Labrador Retriever.

    10. Bull Terrier.

    9. Golden Retriever.

    8. Dalmatian.

    7. Bernese Mountain Dog.

    6. Great Dane.

    5. Greyhound.

    4. Australian Shepherd.

    3. Corgi.

    2. West Highland White Terrier.

    1. Weimaraner.