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    There Are 349 Breeds Of Dogs – These 13 Are The Best In My Opinion

    Does your favourite make the list?

    There are 349 breeds of dog recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization), and while I love them all, there are some that I love just that little bit more. Here are my top favourites:

    FYI, all dogs are wonderful and deserve loving homes. If you're looking for a new good boy to spend your life with, then head to your local rescue shelter first!

    13. Shiba Inu.

    Kat_taka / Getty Images

    I'm not going to lie to you, I don't think I'd seen a Shiba until the whole "Doge" meme exploded all the way back in 2013 – now everyone seems to have them! These cute little dogs are native to Japan and are said to have an independent nature.

    12. Sausage Dog.

    Olgagorovenko / Getty Images

    In the future I will own a sausage dog, mark my words. I love these ridiculous looking doggos, from their long backs, to their floppy ears, and their big personalities.

    11. Labrador Retriever.

    Josephgruber / Getty Images

    Duh, of course the Labrador has to be on this list, they're one of the most popular breeds in the world and for good reason.

    10. Bull Terrier.

    Alberto Clemares Expósito / Getty Images

    Hear me out here: bull terriers are one of the best dogs out there and fully deserve their place on this list. While lots of people may think they're super ugly, I challenge you to tell me that they're not so ugly they become cute. While powerful, they're renowned as being super affectionate.

    9. Golden Retriever.

    Jonathandavidsteele / Getty Images

    My work colleagues always say that if I was a dog I'd be a Golden Retriever, and I think that is a compliment?!?! Yes, they may leave hair everywhere (like me), but they're also super smiley (errr, maybe like me?) and like people (no, not like me).

    8. Dalmatian.

    Dorazett / Getty Images

    Dalmatians had a huge pop culture moment in 1996 thanks to the iconic 101 Dalmatians, and have been one of my favourite dogs since.

    7. Bernese Mountain Dog.

    Bigandt_photography / Getty Images

    Ok, so I was today years old when I learned that these dogs are actually 'Bernese' mountain dogs, rather than 'Burmese' mountain dogs, but whatever, they're so big and cute, I love it.

    6. Great Dane.

    Earl-wilkerson / Getty Images

    Two words: huge doggo. They're basically like having a small horse living in your house but without having an actual horse living in your house.

    5. Greyhound.

    Frank Günther / Getty Images

    Have you ever seen a greyhound run? They're like really fast and it is kind of mesmerising. Other than being speedy pups, they're pretty docile and love a head scratch.

    4. Australian Shepherd.

    Bigandt_photography / Getty Images

    Contrary to their name, the Australian Shepherd probably isn't even Australian as the breed was actually developed in America. They're super smart doggos and obedient, so I'd love to have one which I could teach some sick tricks to.

    3. Corgi.

    Ирина Мещерякова / Getty Images

    Corgis are so cute simply because they look a bit ridiculous. Those short little legs, that round lil' butt and those super pointy ears all make them look like something a small child would draw when they weren't quite au faire with proportions.

    2. West Highland White Terrier.

    Bruev / Getty Images

    Okay, maybe I'm biased because my family have Westies but honestly these guys are so cute. They're said to be intelligent dogs with a good temper (although they can get a bit sassy every now and then).

    1. Weimaraner.

    Alberto Clemares Expósito / Getty Images

    How could you resist these blue eyed babes. They're pretty full on dogs but they're super noble, so you know that whatever park you walk into with this guy you'll own it.

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