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    11 Tricks Your Supermarket Uses That You've Probably Never Noticed

    Ever wondered why you shop the way you do?

    Have you ever wondered why most supermarkets seem to have the same layout? This is because behavioural psychologists have mapped out a design which helps to manipulate how we shop and to maximise spend.

    Here's some of the things they do...

    1. Place fruits and vegetables near the entrance of the shop.

    2. Give you lots of tasty free samples.

    3. Design one-way exit and entrance doors.

    4. Put essentials in seemingly random places.

    5. Play slooooooww music so that you spend more.

    Terrible state of affairs this but the place I hear the best music player these days is the supermarket #old

    Via Twitter: @anorthernbullet

    Even the music that is piped into your local grocery store is designed to make you spend and shop more. Supermarkets and shops in general tend to play slower music which encourages you to take your time and walk at a more leisurely pace. This then enables you to discover and explore more, and subsequently put more in your basket.

    Also, after around 23 minutes of shopping, we start to make more emotional and less practical decisions, so when we may have told ourselves at the start that we didn't need that chocolate, by the end we'll feel like we do.

    6. Place cheaper iterations of the same product are on lower shelves.

    7. Put children's items on lower shelves so they're within their eyeline.

    8. Advertise multi-buy offers that probably don't even save you money.

    Me: I’m starving, there’s nothing to eat at home. Everyone: Don’t go to the supermarket hungry. Me:

    Getty Images / iStock / BuzzFeed

    Have you ever bought two or three of something just because there was an offer on? And are those multiple items either now in the bin or still waiting to be used? Happens to the best of us. Supermarkets use clever marketing to make us feel like any deals that they have on are must-have deals, when really you're probably spending more money than you need to.

    9. Made trolleys larger than ever before.

    10. "Forget" to hang a clock.

    11. Place special offers at the end of shelves so they're more visible.