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    Pizza Express Is My Favourite Chain Restaurant And Here's Why It Should Be Yours

    Two words: Dough. Balls.

    Hi, my name is Josie and IMHO (no, this isn't sponsored) Pizza Express is one of the best restaurants IN THE WORLD. And here is why:

    1. A trip to Pizza Express means license to go ahead and dip tiny balls of dough into delicious garlic butter.

    2. The Bruschetta Originale is probably not what Italy intended, but delicious anyway.

    3. When it comes to the pizza, you have the choice between thin base and a thicker doughier base.

    4. And if you're wanting to be "healthy" without compromising on your Pizza Express experience, then behold the Leggara.

    5. But, if you want to go full salad, you won't regret it – Pizza Express does some of the best salads in the UK.

    6. The polenta fries are also *Italian chef kiss*...

    7. And their cocktails are banging.

    8. The desserts menu is basically a compilation of all of the best sweet hits.

    9. My esteemed colleague has also instructed me that the dessert spoon is one of the best that they have ever had the pleasure of using.

    10. I've heard various reports that their vegan and gluten-free pizzas are pretty damn tasty.

    11. The marble table gives off classy vibes.

    12. If you've got something to celebrate, you can host your own pizza-making party.

    13. Pizza Express also have their own collection of music venues, where you can enjoy some doughballs while vibing to some sweet, sweet jazz.

    14. So in conclusion, Pizza Express is an institution and is one of the finest eating establishments in the world.