12 Of The Biggest Lies People Have Told About Money

    "In reality, my parents pay for everything."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the biggest lies they've told about money, and here they are:

    1. The Bank Of Mum And Dad

    2. The Snow Globe Fanatic

    "I collect Disney snow globes, and have a secret eBay account, which is connected to a credit card not in my husband’s name. When I order a new globe and it arrives, I sneak the package in the house and get rid of the packing before he sees it. I have so many that he doesn’t keep track when a new one shows up, I just rearrange the shelves and he can’t tell. If he does catch me with a new globe, I tell him I found it at the thrift store or on a marketplace/craigslist post for real cheap. He thinks all my globes were bought for pennies, but in reality I have some that I’ve spent upwards of $250 a piece. At this point, they could sell my collection and pay for my funeral if they needed to."


    3. The Snazzy Shoes

    "I bought a pair of custom Vans that had a picture of my dog and had his name embroidered on them and everything, the whole nine yards. They were $90, but I told my mom that they were having a sale and I spent $30 so she wouldn’t lecture me on being 'fiscally irresponsible'."


    4. The Downplayer

    5. The Titanic Jewellery Box

    "When I was in 4th grade my great aunt gave me a few pieces of beautiful, old costume jewelry. I tried really hard to convince my friends they were rescued from the Titanic and were priceless family heirlooms. I'm still embarrassed about that 20+ years later..."


    6. The Child Prodigy

    "When my little brother was in high school I accompanied him to the bank to set up a checking account. It should’ve been the most straight forward interaction, but when the lady was making small talk with him he, for whatever reason, decided to make up an elaborate backstory for his life. He said that he graduated high school early (he was sixteen at the time) and that he’s now studying finance at the university. The lady was impressed and asked how he became interested in finance. And he responded by saying his uncle is Warren Buffett."


    7. The Debt-Free Graduate

    8. The White Lie

    "I earn more money than my extended family likes to think. I also have brothers who work in car dealerships and are really rich who help me out with cheap brand new cars. When my extended family sees all the nice things I have they always ask, 'how can you afford this stuff??' I say I'm swimming in debt, otherwise they would ask my brothers for help and cheap car deals. Not that me and my brothers mind, but we find that we have helped them out enough in the past but when we ask for help and advice they don't show the same courtesy – so we just pretend we are all in debt."


    9. The Holiday Haggler

    "My husband doesn’t like how much I spend on holidays, and always complains – he’s weirdly happy to stay in a complete dump when we go away. So now, I lie to him about how much it is and just pay way more than him. We’ll stay in 5 star hotels and he thinks I’ve somehow haggled a killer deal or something because I've told him it was cheaper than it actually was."


    10. The Secret Spender

    "I always tell my mum that clothes that I've bought aren't new. I say they're borrowed, aka £0."


    11. The Childhood Fraud

    12. The Great Fake

    "I bought a fake Louis Vuitton back when they were all the rage like fifteen years ago. Jesus I’m old. I put my acting skills to the test and convinced everyone it was real. I used it until it pretty much fell apart. Was a pretty decent fake though TBH..."


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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.