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We Want To Know The Moment That You Said To Yourself "Man, I'm Getting Old"

Is your bedtime before 10pm?

Don't get me wrong, ageing is a privilege, but it can still be a shock to realise you won't be young forever.


So, we want to know what moment in your life made you think: "man, I'm getting old."

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Maybe it was when you realised that sitting down cross-legged meant having stiff legs for five minutes afterwards.

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Or when your friend pointed out that you spend 99% of your free time knitting.

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Perhaps it was when you saw someone returning home from a night out just as you were heading out for a morning run.

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Whatever the moment was, we want to know what made you realise that you were getting older. Tell us in the comments and you could end up being featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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