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    This Grandma Spent Over $38,000 On Christmas Decorations, And I'm Living For The Extraness

    It's the most expensive time of the year.

    Grandma Betty-Ann Jones has spent $38,000 on over 2,000 Christmas decorations and can be seen living her best holiday life in this video posted, by Caters Clips.

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    Betty-Ann Jones, 76, has been collecting Christmas decorations from around the world for over 40 years.

    She has purchased ornaments from places including — Las Vegas, Germany, and Florida.

    But Betty doesn't wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate her house — she starts in the summer!

    "My husband says we have an upstairs lounge, and he spends his time up there," says Betty.

    But Betty does occasionally get her husband to join in on the festive spirit.

    Betty doesn't care that people judge her for her Christmas obsession.

    Over the last five years, Betty has raised $93,000 for various charities with funds received by Christmas spectators.

    She uses part of the money to distribute blankets and food to the homeless.

    Merry Christmas, Betty!

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