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    This Viral NYC Middle Finger Fight Is So Intense, It Doesn't Matter If It's Real

    It is the most epic fight you will ever see.

    Two guys had an epic showdown on the streets of NYC and you wouldn't want to be caught in the middle.

    The most intense fight I’ve ever seen

    Twitter: @apiecebyguy / Via Twitter: @apiecebyguy

    Guy Blelloch (@apiecebyguy), posted a video on twitter of two men having an argument on the streets of New York City.

    With camera in hand, Guy captured what appeared to be an escalating fight — both men were visibly upset and in each other's face.

    With each of these gentleman exchanging explicit hand gestures, what extreme act could happen next?

    More middle fingers!

    As one guy began to walk away it appeared that the fight was almost over.

    But birds were still flipped.

    The civility of this fight is inspiring.

    But! Like many amazing things on the worldwide web, this event was staged. Although society would be a much more peaceful place if people resolved their arguments with a simple hand gesture, Guy Blelloch confirmed to The Daily Beast that he "made it with friends."

    Fake or not, this is truly the most epic fight you will ever see!

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