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    Kim Kardashian West Answered Ridiculous Questions On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" And The Tea Is Scorching

    "Which of your sisters is most likely to sue you?"

    Kim Kardashian West answered three ridiculous questions during a segment on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'.

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    Kim K β€” entrepreneur, mother, and social media icon β€” sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to answer three ridiculous questions.

    Jimmy Kimmel asked Kim about something she is very familiar with, selfies.

    In short, Kim believes a selfie is a selfie β€” regardless of the likes.


    Stirring up the tea, Jimmy asked Kim which of her sisters is most likely to sue her.

    So why does Kim think Kourtney would sue her, rather than one of her other sisters?

    For Jimmy's final question, he asked Mrs. Kardashian West, "when was the last time you spoke with a telemarketer?"

    Aside from the fact that random people have her number, Kim's reason for being nice to telemarketers is shocking!

    Yes, Yeezy himself has a background in calling up random people trying to promote a company – cheers to that!

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