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    Jimmy Kimmel Asked Millennials To Open A Can Of Tuna, And There Are Bigger Issues

    Something's fishy.

    Jimmy Kimmel asked millennials on the streets of Hollywood to open a can of tuna, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

    Facebook: JimmyKimmelLive / Via Facebook: JimmyKimmelLive

    So, apparently millennials aren't eating canned tuna. Maybe it's the fact that young people are becoming more health conscious, eating fresh food — or maybe it's because canned tuna is the most disastrous thing ever created.

    Companies are saying millennials are killing the canned tuna industry, and one exec claimed young people don't even have can openers. Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get to the bottom of it by seeing if millennials even know how to use a can opener.

    This young woman looked confused when asked to open the can of tuna. Her mind may be preoccupied with crippling student loan debt.

    It was a difficult task for this millennial. Possibly because she is worried about high rent costs and low wages for this generation.

    This young gentleman had a very hard time with the tuna. He may just be stressed out with lack of affordable health care.

    It was a no go for this millie — not having paid family and sick leave from work might have something to do with it.

    This '90s (or '80s) baby broke the can opener. And millennials are broke — nearly half have no savings.

    So, yeah, let's continue to blame millennials for the failed canned tuna business — because that is really the most important issue of our generation.

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