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    A 102 Year Old Woman Just Became The Oldest Person To Ever Skydive

    She took the leap to raise awareness for a disease that claimed her daughter's life.

    Irene O'Shea, 102, skydived for the third consecutive year at SA Skydiving in Wellington, Australia — to raise awareness for motor neuron disease.

    Facebook: saskydiving / Via Facebook: saskydiving

    It starts with O'Shea suited up for the third time and was ready to go!

    Her daughter died several years ago from MND and she wanted to use this jump, as the oldest person ever to skydive, to raise awareness for the disease, according to SA Skydiving's Facebook page.

    It was all thumbs up for O'Shea and her instructor Jed.

    There was nothing stopping this centennial — she was ready to go!

    Irene was having the time of her life. SA Skydiving posted, "Irene is an incredible woman, achieving incredible things.

    High fives all around for the new, world's oldest skydiver!

    Thank you for the inspiration, Irene!