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Someone Found Top-Secret Documents In An Old Filing Cabinet And Everyone Is Losing It

Storage Wars: Press Gallery edition.

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This week the national broadcaster in Australia, the ABC, has made a series of explosive revelations about the Abbott and Rudd governments.

On Monday, the ABC reported that secret Cabinet documents it had obtained revealed that the then-Abbott government considered cutting of welfare for everyone under 30 in its 2014 budget.

Tony Abbott's "razor gang" considered restricting welfare payments for people under 30 ahead of the 2014 budget (Pi…

On Tuesday the ABC revealed leaked documents showing that in 2013 then-immigration minister Scott Morrison wanted to delay ASIO checks on asylum seekers.

A pattern appeared to be emerging, and the conservatives within the Coalition appeared to be the target.

Who was the leaker?!?

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People suspected more infighting.

The Australian

But it turns out the leak happened for the stupidest reason possible.

The ABC revealed in a lengthy post on the files it has obtained that it was a literal filing cabinet that had been the source of the Cabinet leak. a cabinet...

The ABC said that a filing cabinet with no keys ended up in a second-hand store in Canberra that sells off old government furniture. A person bought the filing cabinet cheap and opened the lock with a drill before discovering the treasure trove of highly-sensitive cabinet documents.

And the government...just...sold it...without checking.

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Naturally, people can't handle it.

Well folks, we've lost the keys to this incredibly heavy government filing cabinet. The only solution is to sell it as is.

#TheCabinetFiles is like that TV show 'Storage Wars' You just never know what you'll pick up. Or who it will bring down. #auspol

If only the ABC's budget hadn't been cut so severely that they had to resort to buying second hand filing cabinets…

Note to the Government. Crowbars serve many good purposes, one of which is using them to crack open filing cabinets…

You gotta watch out for them #CabinetFiles. Armoire Files, too! #AusPol #TheCabinetFiles #SoupNazi

People are predicting that journalists are all about to become second-hand furniture buyers.

@joshgnosis Storage Wars: Belconnen

Weirdly, it was something that prime minister Malcolm Turnbull suggested might have happened when he was asked about it earlier in the week, although he claimed incorrectly they were not Cabinet documents.

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The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet said it had commenced an "urgent investigation" into how it accidentally sold two filing cabinets with classified material in it.

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