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"Abbott Elementary" Is Comedic Genius, But Here Are 20 Times It Pointed Out The Realities Of Public School Systems

Abbott Elementary may be an emerging cult classic, but its comedy is laced with public school realness we just cannot ignore.

ABC's Abbott Elementary is one of the most popular television shows out right now! At the same time, they are bringing a comedic light to the things that actually occur in public schools. Although the characters bring us laughs each week, many of the punchlines are based on actual life events.

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Creator, star of the show, and BuzzFeed alum Quinta Brunson has struck gold, winning several awards for the series and its actors. And, yes, Brunson has mastered the art of infusing hilarious moments in the show — one can't help but notice the massive problems and underfunded issues public schools face in America.

As a product of the public school system, I personally resonate with many of the stories in Abbott Elementary. Let's look at some moments where Brunson made us sit back and think hard about what's happening in educational communities across the nation:

1. It's not all bad...

2. ...however, leadership can sometimes be a problem.

3. Meeting the children where they are can be critically important to how they receive and absorb knowledge.

4. Funding is a core issue.

5. Sometimes, the pressure piles up.

6. Starting from scratch may not always be a bad thing. It sparks creativity and gets the job done.

7. Underfunded schools are not void of talent.

8. Let's keep it a buck, many underfunded schools are in Black and brown communities.

9. Speaking of predominately Black schools, representation matters.

10. Still, there are some that are down for the cause even when their ethnic background is different.

11. Mastering understanding different cultures and celebrating them is key.

12. Teachers are often the parents some students never had.

woman walking with students

13. Tough love is sometimes the answer.

14. "No" is a repeated occurrence.

15. Emotions are real.

16. It takes a special kind of faith to make it through.

17. Intuition and critical thinking is a cheat code.

18. Success will happen by any means necessary.

19. Wisdom is in abundance.

20. Lastly, there is a grace to it all.

Abbott Elementary is an exposition of real life at inner-city schools. Cheers to Quinta Brunson for making what will no doubt be a timeless classic. And cheers to all the educators in the trenches doing their best to mold and educate students.

What are some of the nostalgic yet realistic things Abbott Elementary makes you remember about being a student in the public school system? Tell us in the comments below!

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