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Being A Graduate In Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry rife with graduates who aren't sure what the hell they're doing or how the hell they got there. Here are some daily struggle we contend with.

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1. You'll realise that hospitality involves a lot of talking to people...

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2. ...which means people asking you about your life choices. Every day.


Please, I just want to take a food order, not be psychoanalysed.

3. Customers will ask why you chose to study your subject.

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It's all but a distant memory now.

4. People will say "If you don't like serving coffee, why don't you get a job relevant to your degree?"

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Hire me, or shut up and drink your coffee.

5. Some might even ask what the point in your degree even was.

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No service with a smile for you!

6. Inevitably, a customer who works in your dream career will need serving.

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Maybe if I take their order really professionally, they'll employ me on the spot?

7. At one point, someone you always hated at school will need serving

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He's probably really successful in life as well.

8. You will have to put up with unbearable demands.

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I would love to make it again.

9. And when you make a mistake, they will assume you're stupid.

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I'm sorry that my degree wasn't in Dealing With Jackasses

10. I will definitely apply for that job after my shift.


Actually, I walked fourteen miles today. I'm going to Netflix instead.

11. You'll have to pretend to be happy when fellow graduates get jobs where they aren't abused by the public.

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I thought we were in this together?

12. One day there will be a customer that pushes you too far...


They will probably be rich.

13. ...and then you'll realise that no one else will employ you.

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Time to grovel!

14. Your work will become your social life...

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15. ...and when one of you leaves it will feel like a betrayal of the highest order.

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How dare you get your life together before me?

16. But when it's your turn to move on, you'll speed off with a trail of smoke.

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One day, one day soon we will get out!

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