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20 Moments That Prove The Red Wedding Was The Greatest Television Moment Of All Time.

Nothing has hurt as much since, has it?

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Greatest television moment of all time is a pretty big statement. The final five minutes of Six Feet Under, Monica proposing to Chandler in Friends, Laura Roslin's "I'm coming for all of you!" speech in Battlestar Galactica; these moments have feels dripping all over them. But when we all sat and watched the horrors of The Red Wedding play out before our eyes, it was clear that a new bar had been set. It was't just horrible, it was brutal. It wasn't just sad, it was absolutely heartbreaking. It was (for anyone who hadn't read the books), totally unexpected, which only added to the cruelty. In the space of ten minutes we lost three major and loved players, the power struggle shifted completely, and we were left with our jaws on the floor sitting in a puddle of our own tears.

Before the show even went into production, Game Of Throne's showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss knew that this scene would be THE scene; "We've got to get this show to happen because if we can make this scene work, it's gonna be one of the greatest things ever on television or film." So, in case any of you sweet summer children have forgotten, here are 20 moments that show why we will never love again.

1. I have a bad feeling about this.

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We shared a feeling of rising dread with Catelyn as the musicians started playing The Rains Of Castamere, a song that the show had been subtly setting up for this moment.

2. Dat look though.


Bolton gave Catelyn a look that turned all our stomachs queazy, right? A look that said "Remember Season 2 when no major characters died? Yeah, we do too."

3. What's he got up his sleeve?

HBO / Via

Ah. That can't be good.


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Talisa! The baby! My nerves!



We weren't numb yet, just horrified.

6. Quit smiling Filch.

Frey observed the killing with a rather cheerful smirk. That's gross.

7. Cat the badass.


Catelyn picked up a knife and ran out from under the table, ignoring the scores of armed men that had all their weapons trained on her. She grabbed Frey's wife and brutally pulled her by her hair down the steps. We love Cat.


HBO / Via

We felt really sad as Robb embraced Talisa's body, sure, but also kind of relieved; surely Talisa would be the only important character to get killed off in one episode?

9. "Let him go, and I swear we will forget this."


The real heartbreak is that she only asked Frey to let him go, she didn't beg for her own life.


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Catelyn begged Robb to leave, as if Frey would let him. Even if Frey did, we knew that Robb would never abandon his own mother.

11. "Let him go, or I'll cut your wife's throat."

Amidst all the carnage, its easy to forget what this means for Cat. Swearing on her honour to murder Frey's wife, an innocent child, shows us that Cat is willing to trade her humanity for her sons safety.
HBO / Via

Amidst all the carnage, its easy to forget what this means for Cat. Swearing on her honour to murder Frey's wife, an innocent child, shows us that Cat is willing to trade her humanity for her sons safety.

12. "I'll find another."


Our fists all clenched in anger simultaneously.

13. Robb's last word.

HBO / Via

Oh god.


HBO / Via

We should have known those pretty bitches would have been involved. Our stomachs literally dropped when Bolton said this.


HBO / Via

Please, for your mental health, don't look at this gif for too long.

16. Someone give this woman an Emmy already!

HBO / Via

Cat let out a scream of absolute despair; Robb was the only child that Cat thought she had left alive, despite Arya standing just outside the door.

17. Woman of her word.


Frey's poor wife got her throat cut, Cat did swear on her honour. It says a lot about her state of mind; killing children certainly wasn't in the realms of possibility for Cat in season 2.



The most effective, under appreciated part of the episode; the camera slowly zoomed in on Catelyn, silent, numb and broken, for over ten seconds. We were all willing for the screen to go black before anything else happened. Surely that had to be it?


HBO / Via

20. The cherry on top of the blood-fuelled-massacre sponge.

ARYA WAS JUST OUTSIDE! After spending two seasons trying to get back to her family, going through absolute horror to get there, Arya gets to the door only to witness her fellow northmen be murdered, and her dreams of a reunion are quickly dashed. The Hound whisks her away, thank the Seven, before she sees what's become her of her family, and before anyone can kill her, but still.

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