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Awesome 3-D GIF Music Video By NYC Artist

NYC artist spends months taking photos, turning them into 3-D GIFs and creates an entire music video with them. NYC Street photography meets GIFs and music vids.

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Estate + Liquid Pegasus - Tendency (Official Video)

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Bands Estate of NYC/Minneapolis and Liquid Pegasus of Tokyo team up to release the first-ever 3-D Gif music video for their single, 'Tendency,' released December 10th.

The video features 3D GIF street photos by Josh Johnson of the band Estate at locations around his New York City home. Johnson shoots with a vintage Nimslo camera which takes four frames simultaneously. He scans the 35mm negatives and uses Photoshop to stack the images on top of one another to create the GIFs. The result blurs the lines between photography and video, bringing the subjects to life in a revolutionary way.

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