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14 Times Siri Went Off The Rails When You Asked What Was Up

She siri-ously needs an intervention ASAP. #prayforsiri

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But lately, when you ask what she's up to, her responses have been a little...unusual.

I asked her a couple times and based on what she claims she's doing, I'm seriously worried for her. See for yourself...

7. She decided that it was a good idea to say both "Zlonk!' and "Bap!"

Josh Granovsky

I mean, one of those would've been acceptable. But both? (We can talk about why she's watching Batman cartoons later)

11. She is surprisingly in-the-know about fitness trends.

Josh Granovsky

Does #gymislife even apply to a virtual assistant?

UPDATE: I asked her if she works out and she responded saying "I'm always working out". She's clever, I'll give her that.

13. She took a step back to appreciate the wide range of names that Earth has to offer.

Josh Granovsky

She really wants you to ask her how she can learn to pronounce names.

NOTE: When I asked her, she said she didn't see a match in my contacts. Ok...#sketchy?

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