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    "The Last Of Us" Was MAJOR For Queer Representation, And The Twitterverse Couldn't Be More Thankful

    Representation matters, and The Last of Us is repping hard!

    The Last of Us is another HBO smash hit and has been the best adaptation of a video game ever. Neil Druckmann's writing has been beloved by video game fans for years, and his partnership with Chernobyl's Craig Mazin has shown to be a winning combo for HBO.

    One of the best features of the show is not only its incredible acting and storytelling but the LGBTQ+ representation that's been woven into the story. This is not new to The Last of Us franchise, as fans of the game will realize this was always engrained into characters like Ellie and Bill, though the delivery from the show just hits differently.

    Fair point.

    Oh Roy you sweet summer child. Me: Mentions The Last of Us, ep 3. Him: Is that the one with the gay scene. Me: That’s the gay EPISODE! Me: Tho, tbh, one of the MCs is queer so the whole show is gay AF!

    Twitter: @TeeEss

    When Twitter fingers get a little too crazy with these trolls, the "Gay Army" will have something to say.

    Bella Ramsey expressed her appreciation for the "gay army" of fans who speak up against homophobic trolls attacking "The Last of Us" for its queer content.

    Twitter: @EdgeMediaNet

    This right here is why representation matters.

    I was very hesitant to let my 14 year old watch The Last of Us, but I'm glad we are watching it together (I've already seen it). We just got through the Bill and Frank episode and it's just so powerful and such an amazing thing for a queer teen to see on screen.

    Twitter: @so_caffeinated

    When all else fails, get the tears going.

    my mom finally said she’d watch the last of us bc i cried over how important the queer rep is 😼

    Twitter: @goldenisbrave

    Sometimes, it's this simple.

    the queer representation in the last of us is honestly so good

    Twitter: @bimbokills

    Oh, they ate well and will continue to do so as long as the series goes on.

    Finally watching last weeks Last of Us and I am screaming at in being another gay flashback episode!!! The queers are EATING and so many twitter accounts I will never see are probably just losing their minds

    Twitter: @Notsogreatnate

    It can't be reiterated enough how important queer representation is.

    [QUR] Bella Ramsey's Ellie Helped LGBTQ+ Last of Us Fans Embrace Their Identity - CBR: The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey discusses how their confidence and authenticity in their queer identity have positively impacted fans and ...

    Twitter: @StigmabaseE

    It's giving... giving.

    @montague90 I wasn’t expecting The Last of Us to be the queer joy hit I needed in 2023, and just know it doesn’t stop giving.

    Twitter: @matthewdara1

    It's got it all.

    i’m surprised at how good the last of us (the show) is tbh like i knew it’d be good but i didn’t know it’d be THIS good. the main leads being both so talented and 2 people i stan, the acting, the queer rep, the cinematography, the music and the storylines like it was made for me

    Twitter: @aziracrowslove

    Nothing better than a show that fills the heart.

    haven’t been on twitter in a hot minute so naturally i need the first thing i tweet to be about the last of us- it is perfection and it fills my queer lil heart every week

    Twitter: @marygraceb13

    The relationships in the show are definitely the highlight for me as well.

    last of us is a love story. queer; straight, parental. the zombies are just background noise. it's about the relationships between people. episode 7 was another gem.

    Twitter: @MattRacine

    Glad this person's "Gaydar" is working again.

    the last of us was great but my favourite were the 2 moments where my bad gaydar started working and when i tell you i was on the edge of my seat and screamed when they kissed. i <3 queer people

    Twitter: @thepuppeteer666

    I agree, Episode 3 is still my favorite, but 7 isn't too far behind as far as flashback eps.

    The Last Of Us is 2 for 2 on queer flashback episodes. Episode 7 doesn't top Bill and Frank but it's an amazing queer coming of age story.

    Twitter: @GingeMawbey

    Love will always survive in an apocalypse; now, whether the characters do is another thing entirely.

    The last of us has me crying- that queer love and joy can survive an apocalypse

    Twitter: @H0zierH0e

    This show captures audiences with its incredible storytelling whether you like zombies or not.

    @sapphicgeek I hate zombie shit. Truly hate it all. And yet my fellow queer colleagues at work got me to watch The Last of Us by saying "EPISODE 3 IS THE GAY MALE EQUIVALENT OF SAN JUNIPERO" and I was like, "well, fuck" and now I watch the show every week.

    Twitter: @brinshannara

    Amazing indeed.

    The queer representation on The Last of Us is absolutely amazing

    Twitter: @graceelizbenson

    It made my straight heart sad as well.

    Ep 7 of the last of us is making my queer heart sad

    Twitter: @Leigh_Bentman

    Definitely one of the best portrayals I've seen as well.

    When are we gonna talk about the fact that last of us has one of the most amazing portrayal of queer love and queer relationships that I’ve seen on a tv show

    Twitter: @pedropascalrrie

    I remember when going on a date to the mall as a kid meant something, and apparently, it still does in the post-apocalypse world as well.

    The last of us has yet again captured the queer experience. Planning a cute date, getting literally every detail down, throwing in surprises. The subtle flirting and hints. The way they just. It feels real. It's just the two of them existing in their own world for a second. Man.

    Twitter: @PoliSci_Cam

    What do you think of the show?