10 Facts That Make "We Don't Talk About Bruno" From "Encanto" Even Better Than It Already Is

    Shhh, come here, let's talk about Bruno.

    Disney's Encanto continues to be at the forefront of our minds with the film now getting Academy Award Nominations and its hit song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" reaching #1 on the Billboard charts (which is something that hasn't been done since Aladdin's "A Whole New World" back in 1993).

    As the song has been burned into our collective psyche, I figured I'd share 10 facts about the tune that maybe you didn't know. Check it out.

    1. We were close to talking about Arlo.

    Ready for this most significant text of our entire #Encanto production? April 29th 2020. Little did we know…

    Jared Bush / Via Twitter: @thejaredbush

    Director Jared Bush shared a text on Twitter that he had with Lin Manuel Miranda in regards to the name of the estranged Uncle of Encanto. It shows the director giving Lin a list of names for him to choose from and Lin ultimately deciding on Bruno. Thankfully for all of us, it wasn't Arlo, that poor name went through enough in The Good Dinosaur.

    2. It's a family gossip song.

    Lin explaining some background on We dont talk about bruno

    3. The whole scene was choreographed for animators.

    Dancers doing the choreography to We dont talk about Bruno while the film plays showing a side by side

    4. Agustín doesn't sing about Bruno but he can sure dance about him.

    Glad you noticed this! The only people singing are the ones Mirabel asked about Bruno. She didn’t ask Agustín to avoid a parent conversation. BUT Agustín always wants to fit in with the Madrigals, so he dances anyway, trying to copy Félix, but not quite as well.🤣 #Encanto https://t.co/MZKVXeyTdL

    Twitter: @thejaredbush

    Fans are always quick to notice the smallest detail in films. Luckily for us, someone caught this minor detail that Jared Bush explains in his tweet about why Mirabel's father Agustin doesn't join in on the song while setting the table.

    5. Lin Manuel had an NDA for his kids.

    Lin Manuel Miranda being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon

    6. Lin Manuel put his famous polyphonic stamp on the song.

    Lin Manuel Miranda explaining We Dont About Bruno

    7. The song features names that are right on the nose.

    I knew it would be tough. Great guesses, but there can be only one right answer: Sra. Pezmuerto🐟🪦 ¡Feliz Nochebuena!

    Disney / Via Twitter: @thejaredbush

    When director Jared Bush was asked about the name of a certain background character whose fish had died, Jared had people send in their guesses to which apparently nobody got right, so then he finally reveals what her name is which translated as "Mrs. Deadfish." That's cold Jared, real cold.

    8. Lin Manuel's demo of the song had him singing all the parts.

    Lin in a Zoom window looking at early animation of we dont talk about bruno

    9. Dolores' part was written first out of the ensemble.

    Singer Adassa recording her part while Lin Manuel Miranda is listening from a Zoom window in excitement and the animation is playing simultaneously

    10. The people circling around Mirabel during the song were there for a reason.

    @noonemoved Explained in an early post… but the people circling Mirabel are the people she is thinking about at that specific moment and the stories they told. Like our own thoughts, they swirl around us when we are anxious.


    We get to hear from Director Jared Bush directly through Twitter on why these characters were specifically circling around Mirabel during the number and of course, visually this makes so much sense and just shows why the creatives behind this film were on point with everything.

    What do you think of the song? Is it stuck in your head like it is in mine? Let me know in the comments below.