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    15 Truths About Being A Furry That People Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask

    No, it's not all about sex.

    Hi, my name is Josh, but you can call me by my furry name — Moonraiser. I've been a furry for more than 10 years, and in that time I've learned that people have a LOT of misconceptions about what it means to be a furry.

    Joshua Bergren

    So, to help people better understand the furry community, here are some things everyone should know:

    1. Furries have been around longer than you think — since the early 1980s!

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    Today's furry community has its origins in science fiction conventions of the early '80s, but people throughout history have been fascinated by anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics, which are the foundation of the furry community). In fact, anthropomorphic animals were depicted in ancient Egypt. The jackal-headed god Anubis, for example, was believed to safeguard the dead.

    2. The furry fandom is NOT all about sex.

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    This is a very stereotypical belief about the furry community, and it still baffles me to think that this is a widely accepted view of the fandom. For me, I relate the furry community to my sense of identity and purpose in life.

    3. Furries tend to gain confidence when wearing a fursuit.

    Michele Tantussi / Stringer

    I can definitely attest to the confidence that wearing a fursuit brings. I struggle on a daily basis with social anxiety, but when I step into my suit, all of that social anxiety immediately disappears. I become much more outgoing and much more talkative while in my suit. It feels like I can finally just be myself and not have to worry about what others think of me.

    4. Fursuits take hundreds of hours to make, and they sell for thousands of dollars.

    5. The process of making a fursuit is rather extensive.

    Joshua Bergen

    In order to have my fursuit made, I had to create a duct tape dummy, which took about 3–4 hours to make. Unfortunately, I made the poor decision of trying to use Gorilla Glue duct tape (instead of normal duct tape), and the fumes were so strong that I now get nauseated from even the faintest smell of Gorilla Glue duct tape. The material was also so thick that normal scissors didn't work when trying to cut the suit off me, so my fiancé had to use trauma shears to get it off.

    6. It can get rather toasty inside a fursuit. You're encased in fake fur, after all!

    Joshua Bergren

    Some people have fans or cooling units built into their suits, but it does cost a little extra. I myself do not have any cooling units, so I definitely feel hot at times. However, as long as I have a long straw and a bottle of water close by, I can usually power through the heat.

    7. The majority of furries don't own a fursuit.

    Joshua Bergren

    This may surprise you, but a survey of nearly 2,000 furries found that only 25% of furries own a partial or full fursuit. So you're probably wondering, what makes the other 75% furries if they don't wear a suit? Well, it is actually really hard to say. The furry community is a very diverse group of individuals and is composed of artists, fursuiters, and people who just want to have fun! As such, there is a lot of confusion around what exactly makes someone a furry or not. Personally, I believe that, as long as you're a fan of anthropomorphic animal characters, then you're a furry in my book!

    8. Furries take on an identity different than their own — known as a fursona — and play around with it in public.

    Joshua Bergren

    I chose my fursona to be a werewolf because I have huge respect for werewolves. Werewolves not only have a loyal nature, but also embody the idea of growing positively over time. In the beginning, werewolves start as simple and mundane humans, but eventually, over time, change into wolf-based creatures with supernatural abilities. Just like werewolves, I try to positively change throughout my life.

    9. Furry conventions are a blast to participate in, even if you're not a furry!

    Joshua Bergren

    I've only recently started going to furry conventions, but I can say I've had some of the best times of my life at them. There are just so many things you can do at a convention, whether it be attending panels about furry-related things or going to raves at night where you can get your groove on. I've not only learned so many new things about the community, but also met so many cool individuals.

    Here I am on the left getting my groove on at Denfur 2019!

    View this video on YouTube

    Joshua Bergren / Via

    10. The furry community helps out our friendly neighborhood critters.

    Joshua Bergren

    In my experience, quite a lot of furries work in the animal health care industry, and a huge amount of proceeds from furry conventions go to animal charities. In 2019, Midwest FurFest, one of the largest furry conventions in the world, raised $224,704 for the animal rescue organization Felines & Canines.

    11. The furry community is a sanctuary for the LGBTQ community.

    Adam Berry / Getty Images

    The furry community is very accepting of all people, no matter their sexual orientation. According to The International Anthropomorphic Research Project, 65% of furry members identified themselves as lesbian, gay, or homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual.

    12. The community is also supportive of anyone who may be struggling psychologically.

    Joshua Bergren

    There are a lot of panels at furry conventions dedicated to helping furries with their social anxiety. Some panels even have licensed therapists! As you can see, we look after our members like family.

    13. When fursuiters go out in public, they aim to create happiness wherever they go.


    For me, the most appealing aspect of the furry community is how it helps the public, through charity work or by simply lightening up the days of others. I once went to work in my fursuit on my coworker's last day, and it brought so many smiles to people's faces that, afterward, I cried tears of joy at how much of a positive impact suiting can have on the public.

    14. The furry community is very family oriented.

    Joshua Bergren

    This may come as a surprise for many people, but the furry community is actually very family oriented! There are a lot of adolescent fursuiters who participate in family-friendly fursuit events at conventions with their parents. Not only that, but there are many furry organizations out there that have a focus on family-friendly entertainment, such as Washington's Emerald City Critters.

    15. There is a lot of negative publicity aimed at furries, but it doesn't stop us!

    Joshua Bergren

    Over the years, I have learned that people will get mad at just about anything, even the most insignificant of things. As a furry, I have been called many negative things — including "furfag", a common slur that furries know all too well. Because of this, I have developed a thick skin that helps me move forward despite the negativity and hate. Life is too short to get mad at a negative comment about something you love, such as the furry community.

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