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    Travis Kelce's Mom Donna Reportedly Felt Bad For A Comment She Made About Taylor Swift

    This is just one of the many reported anecdotes in Travis Kelce's new Wall Street Journal cover story.

    On Monday, The Wall Street Journal published a cover story on Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and it's filled with revelations about his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift.

    Closeup of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce holding hands

    However, one of the most notable anecdotes reported in the article about Travis and Taylor dating actually had to do with Travis's mom, Donna Kelce, and how her son helped her navigate an unexpected media moment.

    Closeup of Travis and Donna Kelce at a media event

    According to WSJ, Donna didn't intend for a comment she made about Taylor while appearing on Today in early October to come across underwhelming. The publication reported she just didn't want to come off overly excited.

    Closeup of Donna Kelce wearing a jacket with one side representing the Eagles and the other representing the Chiefs to cheer on both of her sons

    Though the publication didn't state which question Donna felt bad about, she notably made headlines when she said "it was okay" in response to a question about what it was like to watch the Sept. 24 Chiefs game with Taylor.

    Donna Kelce on the "Today" show

    Donna was photographed in box seats at the game alongside Taylor.

    Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game

    Notably, this was the first of Travis's games that Taylor attended.

    Closeup of Taylor Swift

    Donna had previously said earlier in her Today interview that her son's relationship was "fairly new, so I don't like to talk about it."

    Closeup of Donna Kelce

    WSJ reported that Travis called his mother after the interview to reassure her she had handled the interview well and didn't want her to feel poorly.

    Donna and Travis Kelce

    As for what Donna thinks of Travis and Taylor's relationship these days, she was effusive to the publication. "He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time… God bless him, he shot for the stars!” she told WSJ.

    Travis and Donna Kelce on the field at a baseball game

    Plus, all seems well between Taylor and Donna. They were spotted together watching the Chiefs Oct. 12 game against the Denver Broncos in Kansas City.

    Taylor whispering in Donna's ear

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