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    Uhh, So Justin Bieber Just Made A Steamy Surprise Cameo In SZA's Latest Music Video

    I was not expecting this!

    If there's one thing SZA is going to do, it's deliver for her fans. On Friday, the singer dropped the music video for "Snooze," which appeared on her critically acclaimed album of last year, SOS.

    Close-up of SZA at a media event

    Well, it wasn't just any old music video; SZA would never do such a thing! She recruited some celebs to appear alongside her, including Benny Blanco, Young Mazino, Woody McClain...and Justin Bieber.

    Close-up of Justin at a media event in an oversize jacket, sunglasses, and a beanie

    Yes, that Justin Bieber.

    Close-up of Justin at a media event in a suit

    The men play SZA's various lovers, and Justin is clearly smitten with the singer in the video.

    SZA and Justin lying in bed together

    I mean, just look at his smile. Then again, who isn't in love with SZA?

    Screenshot of Justin in the video smiling and leaning back in a chair

    They spend their time together in a room chilling and riding on a vehicle out in the middle of nowhere.

    SZA and Justin on the vehicle

    The good news isn't stopping, though, because SZA, who is currently touring her sophomore album, is apparently gearing up to release an expanded version of the record.

    SZA performing onstage in loose jeans and a jersey

    Variety reports that a forthcoming edition of the album will feature 10 bonus tracks.

    Close-up of SZA smiling and wearing a colorful, spaghetti-strap top

    So, thank you, SZA, for keeping the fans fed. Now, finally, you can check out the video for "Snooze" below:

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