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    Julia Fox Quite Literally Evoked Princess Diana In Her Latest Major Fashion Moment

    You have to see the look to believe it.

    Julia Fox is well-known for her headline-making fashion moments.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    Whether it's wearing a DIY denim top...

    Julia Fox in denim

    ...wearing dry cleaning that's still in the bag...

    Julia Fox wearing dry cleaning

    ...or carrying an oversized accessory, she can't help but turn unexpected looks.

    Julia Fox

    It doesn't seem like the actor and model, who is currently promoting her new memoir Down the Drain, will slow her fashion roll anytime soon. In fact, she was just spotted in a look that managed to involve Princess Diana.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    On Thursday, Julia was photographed in London wearing a corset-style top that featured a photo of the late English princess.

    Julia Fox on the street

    Here's a closer look at the corset:

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    Julia even styled the look with a bag adorned with the Union Jack.

    Of course, Julia is far from the first person to reference Princess Diana in their style.

    Closeup of Princess Diana

    Whether it was her sheep sweater worn in 1981...

    Closeup of Princess Diana

    ...or a black ensemble worn in 1994 that's now refered to as a "revenge dress"....

    Princess Diana

    ...or any of her sweatshirt-and-biker-shorts looks from the late-1990s (including this look in 1995), Princess Diana's style remains timeless.

    Princess Diana

    It's only a matter of time before another celeb finds inspiration, though they'll be hard-pressed to top Julia's literal reference.

    Closeup of Julia Fox