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11 Celebs Revealed The Incredibly Normal And Pretty Affordable Items They Swear By

"I inhale it like oxygen. It is just my favorite snack."

Everyone has their go-to essentials to get through the day, the week, and the year. Celebs are no different. Though most stars may have access to the nicest things in the world, these 11 celebs prove that quality can be better than luxury.

Disclaimer: We worked our hardest to verify that the celebrity items below are not sponsored content. However, please take them with a grain of salt as we can't say with full certainty. 

1. Like many of us, Olivia Rodrigo finds herself snacking on SkinnyPop throughout the day.

closeup of olivia

"I consume so much SkinnyPop. I inhale it like oxygen. It is just my favorite snack," the singer told GQ. "There's one open bag of SkinnyPop on my piano at all times, on my desk at all times, and then in the kitchen at all times. Open, just like ready for me to consume. I truly, lots of days, will eat like this entire thing."

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2. There are hundreds of expensive body creams on the market, but all Mindy Kaling needs is Aquaphor, specifically the Aquaphor Repairing Hand Masks.

closeup of mindy

"When I was a kid watching sitcoms, I would always wonder why the sitcom moms would be getting into bed, putting moisturizer on their hands? Like, why are their hands so dry all the time? And now I'm literally that woman who has dry hands who's doing that," she told Vogue. "What I love about these Aquaphor hand masks is that they're moisturizing for your hands, because hands age. Didn't know that. They're like clown hands, but I swear they're so good for your skin."

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Vogue/YouTube / Via

3. Conversely, Emily Ratajkowski can't live without CeraVe, though she's a fan of Aquaphor, too.

closeup of emily

"Item I can't live without: It's either Aquaphor or CeraVe," she told Vogue India while holding up CeraVe Healing Ointment. "It does so many, many things. It's skincare. It's a glossy lip. I'll put this under my eyes on a plane or before I go to bed. Sometimes it's used on my son's butt."

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Vogue India/YouTube / Via

4. For Usher, there's only one brand and gum flavor he'll chew. It's Trident Tropical Twist.

closeup of him

"The first time I smelled this, I was like, 'Oh ya, I'm going to kill 'em with this one,'" he told GQ. "I tried bubblegum, I've tried spearmint, peppermint, but the freshness of this...and also too I think the Tropical Twist is just something different. It's like, 'What is that? You have such fresh breath.' It's that Trident Tropical Twist."

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GQ/YouTube / Via

5. Don't be shocked if you see Kendall Jenner at Trader Joes. The model and reality TV star told British Vogue that a favorite snack is the Trader Joe's PB&J sticks.

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"[They're] so good. They're little sticks of, I guess, bread or something with peanut butter in them. And there's the jelly right there. You dip them. They're really good," she said. "Shoutout Trader Joe's."

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British Vogue/YouTube / Via

6. Speaking of snacks, Sophie Turner has a favorite, too: Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreos

closeup of sophie

"I live in America, and so these are hard to come by. But this is my favorite snack of all time," she told British Vogue. "When I was shooting Game of Thrones, I used to eat like a whole one of these a night, and then I was wondering why I was putting on weight and my skin was getting really bad. But this is gold dust to me."

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British Vogue/YouTube / Via

7. If you're hanging out with Andrew Garfield, which first congratulations, be ready to play the game Codenames.

andrew giving a thumbs up to the camera

"It's a great game that I got into about five or six years ago. So whenever me and a certain group of friends are together, we will make sure that this happens," he told British GQ. "It's just a really fun, fun time."

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British GQ/YouTube / Via

8. When it comes to condiments, Meghann Fahy rides or dies for Hidden Valley Ranch.

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"Hell yeah. I love ranch. I just moved into a rental house for this new Netflix show, and they asked me what I wanted in my fridge when I got there. I said, 'A bottle of ranch and frozen pizzas,'" she told New York Magazine's the Strategist. "It’s my top condiment. I’ve tried several, including vegan ones, but I’m a Hidden Valley girl. The brand kind of has a monopoly in the ranch space, but it’s just so good."

9. Zendaya is a California native, so it makes sense that she's an In-N-Out obsessive.

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"My favorite comfort meal is In-N-Out," she told Elle. "So every time I'm home, I always go get my grilled cheese. Because I know people are like, 'Wait, aren't you a vegetarian?' Grilled cheese, okay. They're bomb, right? Grilled cheese, excess spread, grilled onions. Thank me later."

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Elle/YouTube / Via

10. As for Quinta Brunson, her go-to quick breakfasts come courtesy of Starbucks: the egg-and-bacon bites, to be specific.

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"I actually had these this morning. I love the egg-and-bacon bites. They’re my quick go-to breakfast, which is why they feel like a must-have. If I go to a Starbucks and they don’t have them, I’m very upset," she told New York Magazine's the Strategist. "With how quick-moving I am, whether it be on set or waking up early to do this kind of thing, it’s a quick breakfast that I can eat and feel full."

11. And, finally, Adele loves herself some McDonald's.

adele singing

"My ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal, would be a McChicken Nugget with a Big Mac and then fries. That's my three course," she told British Vogue. "I eat it at least once a week."

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