"It Was Not A Surprise": Cecily Strong Revealed How Her Engagement Was Spoiled...By An Emoji

    "So that's how we got engaged," she said.

    Congratulations are in order for Cecily Strong.

    Cecily in a tailored blazer dress posing on the red carpet

    The Saturday Night Live alum, who is currently starring in the play Brooklyn Laundry, revealed Wednesday on Late Night With Seth Meyers that she's engaged. However, it wasn't exactly a shock to her that her now-fiancé was going to propose. As she tells it, "It was not a surprise, but I am kind of a detective."

    Cecily standing in front of a promotional backdrop wearing a dress with button details and tights

    "We'd talked about getting married, and then one day he was like, 'I'm so inundated with emails and texts, look at this,'" Cecily said.

    Cecily in black attire sitting in a talk show setting with cityscape backdrop

    "The first text was from a friend, and it said, 'How did it go?'" she continued. The text just so happened to include a ring emoji.

    Oh man! Worry not, because Cecily noted that she told him to still surprise her with a proposal whenever he wanted...except she later walked back the request.

    Cecily smiling in a satin blouse and suit with a draped blazer poses

    "Then I had a kind of a rough night in December, and I was like, 'Can I just wear the damn ring now?'" she said. "So that's how we got engaged."

    Cecily sitting, smiling during a talk show interview, wearing a V-neck top and blazer

    The engagement hijinks didn't stop there. Cecily added that the ring ended up being too large at first.

    Smiling Cecily in black double-breasted blazer dress with gold buttons at a media event

    "I don't know my ring size. I buy, like, every sized ring, so he took one of those [rings] that was like five sizes too big," she said. "I was wearing it on my index finger for a long time."

    Cecily in a black outfit sitting, gesturing on the talk show

    Honestly, that only makes the engagement sound all the more sweet. Congrats again! You can watch Cecily's full interview below:

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