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20 Vs Comics That Would Make Awesome Movies

These would give Batman vs Superman a run for its money.

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1. Superman vs Spiderman

2. Batman vs The Incredible Hulk

3. Superman vs Predator

4. Batman vs Aliens

5. Superman vs Aliens

6. Batman vs Predator

7. Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator

8. Green Lantern vs Aliens

9. Judge Dredd vs Aliens

10. Predator vs Judge Dredd

11. Batman vs Judge Dredd

12. Batman vs Dracula

13. Apocalypse vs Dracula

14. Avengers vs Xmen

15. G.I.Joe vs Transformers

16. Godzilla vs The Avengers

17. The Incredible Hulk vs Superman

18. Superman vs Terminator

19. RoboCop vs Terminator

20. Aliens vs Predator vs The Terminator

Basically Batman, Superman, the Terminator, the Aliens and the Predators are constantly at each others throats.

But then, who wouldn't want to see that movie!

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