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    The Next Time You Watch "Riverdale," Play This Drinking Game

    They probably don't serve any of this at Pop's.

    Every time Cheryl's wearing red, have a glass of red wine.

    Whenever Jughead says "my dad," "the Serpents," or "Betty” (in a pleading tone), shotgun a beer.

    Every time Betty raises one of her eyebrows, take a sip of vanilla-flavored liquor.

    If Veronica says "Arch," have a vodka-infused gummy bear.

    And anytime Archie thinks with something other than his brain, slide into the DMs of a person of your friend's choosing.

    If the adults in the show resolve to murder, infidelity, or maintaining blissful ignorance about the goings-on, sip a little champagne.

    In Season 1, anytime Jughead says "The Fourth of July," dunk a patriotic popsicle in your drink and eat it.

    Anytime you see a football game but no actual playmaking going on (just the exchange of worried expressions) have a shot of Ginger Schnapps.

    Whenever someone uses a flashlight, cut the power to your apartment building. Just kidding — take a shot of tequila.

    If you’re turned on by Mr. Lodge, drown your sorrows with some more champagne.

    Take a double shot for "Dark" Betty, the “Carrie” episode, and any musical numbers.

    Whenever you’re confused about who the Black Hood is, tell the person to your left to take a sip of some brandy (hopefully y’all aren’t in a circle).

    Anytime a costume change occurs faster than humanly possible, tweet a letter of the alphabet (any letter, doesn’t matter).

    Whenever someone has a cheeky nickname (greetings, Tall Boy) down some club soda.

    If you hear “Toledo,” “Jellybean,” or if someone references a high school relationship their parents had, mix and deliver a margarita to the person of your choice.

    Whenever the show reaches truly outrageous moments, but you decide that you will, in fact, keep watching, finish your drink.

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