21 Awesome Toys That Your Parents Wouldn’t Buy You

Whether they were too “expensive,” too “violent,” or too “gender-stereotyping,” these were proof there were limits to your parents’ love.

1. Power Glove

2. Basically Every Star Wars Ship

3. American Girl Dolls Customized to Look Like YOU

Because everyone wants their own terrifying doppelganger…

4. This Treehouse

Can’t we beat this kid up and take it?

5. Polly Pocket Petal Village

6. Teddy Ruxpin

(You should probably thank your parents for not getting you this one. Definitely saved on psychotherapy bills.)

7. The Technodrome and Shredder

8. All the Beanie Babies

“They’re an investment, Mom!”

9. Neo Geo

This sucker was 650 smackers! Also, is that Patrick Bateman playing Metal Slug?

10. My Size Barbie

It’s a Barbie the size of a small child. Or the size of a shirtless man’s legs.


*guns only accurate within a nine-inch radius…

12. That Giant FAO Schwartz Piano

13. Barbie Dream House

14. Jurassic Park Compound Play Set (w/Optional Jeff Goldblum)

15. The Easy-Bake Oven

17. The Talkboy

Everything Macaulay touched turned to gold…

18. Rock Em Sock Em Robots

19. Password Journal

20. A Pony

Keep dreaming, kid…

21. And, of course, POWER WHEELS

MSRP: $440. But can you put a price on the smile of a child?

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