14 Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had

We’ve all got ‘em, but do you know their names?

1. What is this downward curve called?

2. What is this connective strand under your tongue called?

3. What is this groove called?

Evan-Amos / en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

4. What is the dangly fellow at the back of your throat called?

5. What is this little nub on your ear called?

6. What is the most outward/lowest point of your chin called?

Raffi Asdourian / en.wikipedia.org Creative Commons

7. What are these creases on your wrist called?

ARBAY / en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

8. What is the flat area between your eyebrows called?

9. What is the space between your thumb and forefinger called?

Evan-Amos / en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

10. What is the white part at the bottom of your fingernail called?

Arnold Reinhold / en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

11. What are these notches in your lower back called?

12. What is the place where your upper and lower eyelid meet called?

13. What is the skin between your nostrils called?

14. What is the depression between your collar bones called?

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