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    10 Reasons Why Stephanie Bernstein Is The Best

    Happy birthday Mom!

    1. She's beautiful!

    2. (She looks like Meryl Streep!)

    3. She was a successful social worker for decades, and then went back to school to become a rabbi!

    It was five years of hard work and lots of travel. But now she's a kick-ass rabbi!

    4. She fights for marriage equality!

    5. She has more friends than anyone I have ever met.

    6. She went to the University of Michigan in the early 1970s, y'know?

    She knows how to have fun, is what I'm saying.

    7. One of her kids is a brilliant and beautiful pHD with a high-powered job and a house.

    8. The other one manages to feed himself and stay out of trouble for the most part

    .500 is a very good average.

    9. She has had two wonderful and loving husbands!

    A lot of people can't even get one!

    10. Even though she is a rabbi, she has a really awesome, silly, and shockingly lowbrow sense of humor.