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This Horrifying "Rugrats" Fan Theory Will Ruin "Rugrats" For You

This Adventures in Diapers is a story of death, madness, and addiction.

Do you remember Rugrats?


Sure you do. It was that Nickelodeon show with psychedelic animations that followed the adventures of talking babies. Seems innocent enough, right?

According to this chilling theory, not so much.

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To start with, Angelica is the protagonist of a tragic story.


Her relationship with her dad is pretty superficial, and her mom was too busy to show her any real love. To deal with her loneliness, Angelica dreamed up the Rugrats and their adventures.

But why would a toddler need to dream up a bunch of babies to hang out with?

Because at one time they weren't imaginary.


Chucky and his mom died in a car wreck, which is why his dad is such a neurotic mess.


During a trip to Paris, Chas Finster met a Japanese prostitute named Kira. He married her, and she moved to America to be with him.


Kira had a daughter, Kimi, but she was taken away because the state didn't think Kira was a fit mother, due to her profession and severe substance abuse problem.

Kira misses her daughter dearly, and always brings her up in conversation. Chas, on the other hand, still constantly talks about his son Chucky. Angelica has taken the bits and pieces she's heard and created the characters of Kimi and Chucky in her mind.

Tommy was stillborn.


After the failed birth, his father, Stu Pickles, went crazy. That's why he spent so much time in the basement, making toys for the son he'd never get to know.

Phil and Lil were aborted.


The DeVilles were forced to terminate their pregnancy due to tragic circumstances, and since they never found out the baby's sex, Angelica imagined them as identical twins, one male and one female.

Angelica's hallucinations are a subconscious reaction to her own tragic past as well.


Angelica's biological mother was an addict who died from a heroin overdose. In his depression, Angelica's dad married Charlotte, a woman obsessed with success who only wanted him for the money he got from his dead wife's life-insurance payout.

Angelica idolized her new mother, Charlotte, but always carried her Cynthia doll, which served as a reminder of her drug-addled dead mother, with her tattered clothes and patchy hair falling out in clumps.

The only real baby was Dil.


He was the only baby who couldn't speak because he was the only baby that wasn't a figment of Angelica's imagination.

Angelica couldn't understand why she didn't have any power over this baby, like she did the others. She didn't understand why he wouldn't listen to her when she commanded him to stop crying. Angelica lashed out and struck him, over and over and over again.

The altercation changed Dil both physically and mentally.

The two of them grow up to be deeply damaged individuals in Rugrats All Grown Up.


Dil constantly wears hats to cover the scars and damage to his head that Angelica caused.

As a teen, Angelica follows in her biological mother's footsteps and becomes addicted to various narcotics. The hallucinations and invented personalities of her childhood come back to haunt her.

Angelica's hallucinations take the form of older kids, to compensate for the passage of time.


Susie is Angelica's only friend, and wants to help her get better.


Over the years, Susie has pretended that Angelica's imaginary friends were real because she cared for her so much that she didn't want to take away her only coping mechanism.

But in the end, Anjelica's addictions drove all her friends away, including Susie.


After years without any mention of "the babies," Susie thought Angelica was on the road to recovery. But when Angelica discovered drugs, she slid back into her old ways and would invent complex stories in the cafeteria about her imaginary friends, eventually driving Susie away once and for all.

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