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    21 Pictures Of Food That Are Too Damn Perfect For This World

    Art has never looked so delicious.

    This is Adam Hillman, an Instagram artist and "object arranger."

    1. He creates these sweet, beautiful images.

    2. You see, when Adam was told not to play with his food, he didn't listen.

    3. Instead, he made art.

    4. And now, thanks to him, the world seems just a bit more beautiful.

    5. Don't you feel at peace?

    6. Plates are his canvas and cereal his paint.

    7. And the cereal can be quite hypnotizing.

    8. If all of our videos loaded like this, we would be more patient people.

    9. If M&M's were a god, this would be their temple.

    10. Somewhere within this bowl floats the true meaning of life.

    11. The universe makes sense now.

    12. Don't you feel lucky to have existed at the same time as these jelly beans?

    13. An army of little pandas has descended from heaven to tell us that it's all going to be okay.

    14. There is not a mint in the world that is as refreshing as this image.

    15. Hot water + M&M's = magic.

    16. The dark side of cereal.

    17. So this is what the gates of heaven look like.

    18. 50 shades of Froot Loops.

    19. I've seen this dance before, somewhere in a dream.

    20. A beautiful dream, colored with the scent of freshly chopped celery.

    21. Mondrian would be proud.

    Follow Adam on his Instagram account, a never ending well of visual orgasms.

    This post was translated from Spanish.