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    21 Construction Workers Who Clearly Just Did Not Give A Shit

    It takes a lot of skill and artistry to screw something up this much.

    1. Obviously this is not a ramp, it's an al fresco surrealist installation.

    2. This piece is clearly inspired by M. C. Escher's work:

    3. This builder was interested in exploring notions of space:

    4. These builders stretched perspective to the limit and have little regard for gravity:

    5. This tile-fitter's work is inspired by Taoist philosophies. In this challenging piece, down is up.

    6. This artist started his life as a vulcanizer and influences from his early work still show through in his later stuff.

    7. Doors are often symbols of connection in art, but this piece takes that convention and flips it on its head:

    8. Ah, yes! Perfect use of juxtaposition to make you think about the obstacles of modern metropolitan living. Very compelling.

    9. These seats encourage introspection, making the viewer an active participant rather than a passive observer:

    10. Clearly a statement on the futility of life:

    11. This artist sought to capture the struggles of Sisyphus in his designs:

    12. This builder was inspired by Picasso to create unsettling Surrealist spaces:

    13. And there are elements from Cubism at play in this piece:

    14. This work captures a lot of emotion. You can almost feel the artist's anguish:

    15. This piece from the Dada movement explores themes of masochism:

    16. An abstract take on basketball:

    17. It's incredible how art can take something so commonplace, make one small change to it, and make you see the world with a whole new perspective.

    18. It's difficult to capture quantum superpositions with a physical medium but this builder has pulled it off.

    19. This is not a staircase, this is a sculpture that meditates on the passage of time:

    20. Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?

    21. These are the questions all modern artists, and all modern builders, struggle with.

    This post was translated from Spanish.