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24 Geniuses Who Are Clearly Operating On A Whole Different Level

Teach us.

1. Hello, Earthlings. We've come from the future bearing gifts...

2. And to impart onto you our advanced wisdom.

3. Some of us come from an uncertain and terrifying future...

4. While others of us are so advanced, it's like we're from a different reality entirely.

5. Our technology is light years beyond your own.

6. And our quality of life is much more advanced.

7. We've unlocked the secrets of unlimited energy.

8. And in our future, nobody goes hungry or thirsty.

9. To your primitive minds, our habits may seem... unusual...

10. And our fashion may seem... extravagant...

11. But everything we do, we do with purpose.

12. We've mastered the elements.

13. We've conquered Mother Nature.

14. And we figured out how to take a family portrait with every member of the family in it, even Uncle Jake.

15. Much like Prometheus, we also learned how to manipulate flame and heat without burning ourselves.

16. And we've evolved past the need to sleep. We can rest fully while staying alert and effective.

17. Our methods of transportation are far more advanced.

18. The future is filled with sights to behold.

19. And everyone has a heart filled with love.

20. We hope to impart some of what we know on to you, to offer even a little more convenience.

21. So that you primordial people may take the next great leap forward in your development.

22. And join us in a brighter, happier tomorrow.

This post was translated from Spanish.