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    15 Tragedies You'll Only Understand If You Never Stop Eating

    Food = love.

    1. You have only two states of being: extremely hungry and sickeningly full.


    2. That cookie box you bought to get you through the week? Yeah, it lasted an afternoon...


    3. You are incapable of sustaining a proper conversation during meals because your mouth is always full.

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    4. Pizza is the only therapy you need.

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    5. But then you realize you've eaten a entire pie all by yourself and you feel like shit again.

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    It's a vicious cycle.

    6. You promise yourself that you are going to start eating more healthy foods, but you only remember as you're leaving the taco place...

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    7. Besides, healthy food feels like punishment.


    8. You have, on more than one occasion, eaten so much that you wondered how you could possibly make space for a drink of water.

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    You were forced to choose between unbearable thirst and unimaginable pain.

    9. You cannot eat in expensive restaurants because you'd end up spending half your paycheck in a single evening.

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    10. And God forbid you suggest dividing the bill equally to avoid figuring out the math.

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    Your friends always give you dirty looks when it comes time to split the bill.

    11. But even cheap restaurants are, in fact, not all that cheap thanks to your voracious appetite.


    12. When you are home alone, you spend the entire day eating anything and everything, all the while thinking, "Why can't I stop eating?!"


    13. You are afraid of going to the supermarket when you are hungry because the last time you did that you almost emptied your bank account...


    14. You've tried dieting, but always discover the same thing: life is just not the same without food.

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    15. But you learn to accept yourself as you are because, like PB&J, you and food are meant to be 2gether 4ever <3

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    What's the worst that could happen?

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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