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    • jorgem17

      There is no need to declare this every damn time there is discussion about extremist Muslim groups. The KKK purports to be Christian, but anyone who is truly Christian finds their actions reprehensible. And so true Christians and Christian organizations denounce and distance themselves, citing religious doctrine along the way. In other words, they use the tenets of Christianity to highlight that groups like the KKK are un-Christian. Hopefully that makes some sense. I would wager that most people understand that groups like ISIS are not representative of Islam as a whole. However, they claim their mission is derived from their adherence to Islam and its precepts. So to deal with them you have to deal with the fact that, at the very least, they *claim* to be Muslim. To constantly brush that aside in the name of political correctness severely hampers our ability to address the issue. Any religion that celebrates murdering or enslaving others for no reason other than they are not of that religion should not be tolerated by any civilized society at all. Ever. Anywhere. Any form of Islam (or Christianity, or Judaism, or Buddhism etc.) must be aggressively and decisively removed. Ideally, the true followers of Islam would handle it as a family matter and root it out. But if they are unwilling or unable, then it falls on the rest of the world—the members of a global, civilized society—to do it. Freedom of anything has logical limits. I’m free to speak my mind until I start running around screaming that I’m going kill people while brandishing a machete. I am free to write anything I like until I start publishing items that are maliciously false and damaging to someone’s life or livelihood.  What if I adhered to a religion that dictated I must steal someone else’s money once a week? Or that I am not subject to traffic laws? Would I be permitted to rob others and drive my car along the sidewalk, all in the name of freedom of religion? Having freedom of religion *DOES NOT* in any way imply that, because your religion (or your sick-ass interpretation of your religion) permits it, you are allowed go about lopping people’s heads off because they disagree with you. That type of thinking is not tolerable, and it’s time we stop pussyfooting around and call it for what it is.  Nobody wants to expel all Muslims from the country. People DO want to expel Muslims whose views are like these ISIS animals. And if there was a Christian equivalent to ISIS, we’d want to expel their supporters, too. So stop with the, “Well, you know they aren’t really Muslim” crap. We know.

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