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    30 Reasons "Evangelion" Is Still The Greatest Anime EVER

    After several contenders and imitators, Neon Genesis Evangelion remains untouchable. SPOILERS ahead!

    1. Because its storyline evolves from a simple Robots versus Angels premise to one of the most complex plots Japanese animation has ever witnessed.

    2. Because it cares about its characters more than anything else.

    3. Because it’s messed up and twisted without being gratuitous or nonsensical.

    4. Because it tackles issues like emotional isolation, inability of communication, self-awareness, and the desperate search for a meaningful life.

    5. Because it makes us choose between A) Being an individual who faces a high possibility of being alone and miserable or B) Being part of a flawless collective where you're deprived of identity so you won’t be alone or miserable.

    6. Because it questions the dangerous relations between technology and science, and human ambition.

    7. Because practically every character is an ally and an enemy at the same time. And that makes things way more interesting.

    8. Because Evangelion treats its viewers as intelligent people and never takes them for granted.

    9. Because the show could be defined as a bizarre crossover between Mazinger Z and Ingmar Bergman and that’s just FAB.

    10. Because the main enemies are called ANGELS and each one of them is eerier and creepier than the previous one.

    11. Because it’s brave enough to display religious imagery unapologetically.

    12. Because Neon Genesis Evangelion means “Gospel of a New Century,” a more than appropriate name considering the show was released four years before the new millennium.

    13. Because the battles between the Angels and the EVAs are mind-blowing, to say the least.

    14. Because the show allows itself to have comedic moments, despite the seriousness of its plot.

    15. Because the animation is THIS good.

    16. It's just superb.

    17. I mean, look at THIS.

    18. Because the show was created BEFORE the manga, a rareness in anime.

    19. Because its main character, Shinji Ikari, is worthy of an academic essay — or many.

    20. Because it's a feminist show. F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T.

    21. Because of its portrayal of LGBT characters.

    22. Because its director and creator, Hideaki Anno, didn’t give a damn about what others think and decided to make the last two episodes about character introspection (instead of a huge final battle, as everybody was expecting).

    23. Because this is the final scene. THE FINAL SCENE.

    View this video on YouTube

    Tatsunoko Production / Gainax

    Talk about uniqueness. And boldness. And WTF-ness.

    24. Because the director decided to make The End of Evangelion to satisfy those fans who hated the series finale and the result was ANOTHER masterpiece.

    25. Because The End of Evangelion has images that would give Salvador Dali a run for his money.

    26. LOOK AT THIS!


    28. Because its opening, A Cruel Angel's Thesis, is one of the catchiest and greatest anime songs.

    View this video on YouTube

    Tatsunoko Production / Gainax

    There’s also an English fan-dub, almost as brilliant as the original one.

    29. Because Shinji, Asuka, and Misato live with a PENGUIN as their pet.

    30. And finally, because Neon Genesis Evangelion remains incredibly (and undeniably) popular, relevant, and influential until this very day.

    Long Live Evangelion!

    CONGRATULATIONS to the people who made it possible.