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16 Signs You're PRETENDING To Have An Existential Crisis

TO ALL THE PHONIES OUT THERE: We all know that having an existential crisis is one of the best ways to get attention, just stop it already!

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3. Public transport has become the only place where you can be at ease with your irresolvable questions

Tatsunoko Production / Gainax

"My fellow travellers are as miserable as I am. Well, me a little more TBH".

5. You've convinced yourself that drinking black coffee while staring out of the window is DEFINITELY the best way to deal with your issues

8. You print passport photos of yourself and watch them slowly burn. In the kitchen stoves. Because you don't have a fireplace to make it look dramatic

Reddit / Via Giphy

"And thus, the fire obliterates my identity and leaves my soul immaculate..."


"I need to open the windows when this is over".

11. You've become obsessed with over-analyzing your childhood cartoons and blaming them for your currently messed up state of mind

16. You try to justify all your mistakes by saying the world is "an absurd" but you're eventually held accountable for them, like anyone else

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