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    10 Things Only Rough Collie Owners Would Understand

    There's no love quite like that of a rough collie. So, can you relate?


    What would rough collies be without their long beautiful fur coat? Little balls of rough collie hair drift through your house like tumbleweeds, you go through two or more vacuums a year, and unless you are brave enough to tackle hours of grooming yourself, you're stuck forking out a mere fortune for a groomer. All of this, and we wouldn't trade it for the world.


    Rough collies are stubborn yet sensitive dogs. A firm scolding and you're given the classic melancholy look. Try fighting the urge to give into that beautiful heartbroken face.


    Rough collies love kissing and getting all up in your business. You could say it's their favorite past-time. You're their best friend, and they make sure you never forget that.


    Sure, the younger generation might not understand, but that doesn't keep you from hearing or using the name "Lassie" whenever you take your rough collie outdoors.


    No, rough collies aren't a toy breed, but you still insist on dressing up your little friend in all kinds of cute outfits. A rough collie's tolerance of playing dress-up is certainly one of your favorite parts about the breed.


    Children are the cheese to your rough collie's macaroni. They go hand in hand. The gentleness and watchful protectiveness of the breed mean your rough collie spells "perfect family dog." This beautiful rough collie quality is something only owners may truly understand.


    It doesn't matter where your rough collie is sleeping, you can almost guarantee they are sleeping on their back. And somewhere in that pretty little head, you can be certain your favorite back-sleeper is dreaming about you.


    Rough collies are herding dogs, and that herding instinct carries over into your everyday life. Chasing games are always included in rough collie playtime. If it's not playtime, you can be sure your rough collie is still chasing you, and perhaps giving your heels little love-bites.


    Rough collies sport one of the longest noses in the dog world. That foxy nose is the perfect place to plant a kiss. Laying love on your rough collie is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night.


    Rough collies are beautiful, gentle, loyal, trainable, laid-back, and would do anything for their people. Only you, as an owner, get to experience the companionship of the coolest breed there is.

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