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The Definitive Ranking Of Jax Tellers' Hairstyles From "Sons Of Anarchy"

"When's the last time any of those dudes washed their hair?"

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6. The "Slicked Back" Jack


In Seasons 5-7, we get to see Jax discover the magic of using hair gel. He kind of looks like a rugged, sexy Draco Malfoy — you know, if Malfoy was a member of a motorcycle club, was this hot, and had a hot bod.

3. The "Almost Rachel" Bob


Only a few years ago, FX introduced us to this beautiful, masculine stranger. Jax Teller: smart, brave, loyal to the MC, and loyal to his family. His velvety voice paired with his soft golden locks made him the perfect man, if you can look past all the killing, drugs, and gun running. He's still basically the perfect man.


1. The "Rebel Without a Cause"


At this point, Jax and the MC were busy consoling Opie, trying to make deals with the IRA, and getting sent to county for another stint in prison. So hey, why not just let his hair do what it does best? Who has time to get a haircut anyways? Especially when you look this good.

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