Whose Christmas Sweater Is Uglier: Sarah Silverman Or Michael Cera?

This important competition, which also includes the wonderfully ribboned Reggie Watts and the unfortunately vested Tim & Eric, needs your input.

There are three unassailably awesome things in this world: Comedy, ugly sweaters, and monkeys.

This video has all three.

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and genius duo Tim & Eric don their ugliest* Christmas sweaters in this new JASH video, not just for the visual pleasure of their audiences, but also for a good cause.

Check out the video, and, if you feel so moved, text the name of your favorite ugly sweater-wearer to 40202, which will donate $10 — charged to your phone bill — to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

*Michael Cera didn’t really understand the concept of “ugly sweaters,” but we’ll let it slide.

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