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Miracle Turds And Other Important Things To Know About Michael Cera's "Crystal Fairy"

Cera, Gaby Hoffmann, and Director Sebastian Silva made a very funny, surreal movie about a drug-fueled road trip. The stories behind the film are even wackier.

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1. The floating turd in the opening scene? Silva laid that.

Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

They spent all night filming a wild party (filled with cocaine, dancing, and the works) and it was crucial that they had a sizable log; it's actually an important device to explain Michael Cera's character Jamie.

All night, Silva tried to get people to pinch a loaf in the bathroom, but no luck. By 6 a.m., he was desperate, and went into the bathroom himself. As the director tells it, he ate nothing and had to squeeze as hard as he could to create what he termed the "miracle turd."

2. A naked, tripping Gaby Hoffmann is covered in a Mr. Met t-shirt. In reality, it's Silva's favorite tee.

Silva bought this shirt from a vintage shop in his home country of Chile. He had no idea that it had anything to do with the New York Mets baseball team; Mr. Met, for all his charm, is apparently not an internationally-recognized figure.

Also: Silva's friend borrowed the shirt a while ago, and he'd like it back, thank you very much.

3. The S&M photos that Jamie finds... Silva watched a lot of porn to procure those.

IFC Films

In an important afternoon of research, Silva went through the Google results for "dildo + long hair" and several other searches, and then took screen grabs of the best videos he could find.

Sex swings, dildos, and some very close-up shots grace the screen as a result.

4. Gaby Hoffmann took a double dose of cactus mescaline.

IFC Films

She discussed the experience at Sundance; the rolling around on the shells, well, that wasn't entirely in the original plan.

Also: She was the only one that felt the impact of the drugs, though everyone took their dose. It was meant to be.

5. Cera and Silva made another movie together, Magic Magic.

That was the original movie that they had planned to make, but funding hang-ups meant that they had time to make Crystal Fairy first. Sony, which bought Magic Magic's distribution rights, has decided not to release it in theaters at all.

It'll come out on video on demand on Aug. 6, but Silva would prefer you not watch its trailer; he says it looks like a generic horror film.