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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel Told The Exact Same Joke On Monday Night

    It was about Miley Cyrus, naturally.

    Miley unites!

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Here is a peek into the future of late night television. A Letterman-Leno situation for a new generation, Kimmel (11:35 on ABC) figures to be the foil to Fallon once the Late Night host ascends to the Tonight show desk in February. Both make heavy use of pop culture in their comedy bits, with Kimmel more often skewering the silliness of the entertainment business, and Fallon providing a more celebratory environment.

    In this instance, both hosts decided to mock Miley Cyrus' decision to light up a joint on stage at the MTV European Music Awards.

    Fallon's joke:

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    "Last night, Miley Cyrus was on stage at the MTV European Music Awards, and lit up a joint. Of course most people were like, 'Well, at least she kept her tongue in her mouth.'"

    And Kimmel's:

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    "Miley won the award for Best Video – and during her acceptance speech – pulled what appeared to be a joint out of her purse and smoked it on stage. I’m just thankful she found something to keep her tongue in her mouth for a few seconds.”

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