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    First Full "House Of Cards" Season 2 Trailer Finds Frank Underwood In A Big Mess

    The hunter is becoming the hunted.

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    As most politicians will tell you, pursuing power is often way more fun than trying to hold onto it. In this first preview of the second season of Netflix's Emmy-nominated series House of Cards, it seems Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is learning this lesson the hard way.

    After a first season spent lying through a fake smile and stabbing backs like a congressional assassin, Underwood has ascended to the vice presidency through a mix of political gamesmanship and manipulating the press. But upon taking office, all those dirty secrets and fallen rivals have come back to haunt him, like ghosts rising from the Potomac.

    All your favorite Washingtonian scuzzbuckets are back, from Claire Underwood (Robin Wright Penn) to Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) for the new 13-episode season that premieres on Feb. 14.

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